Re: How to write Armenian ligatures?

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Sat Nov 24 2007 - 13:04:51 CST

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    > P.S. I too am quite disconcerted by the number of FAQs that suddenly
    > spring up whenever James puts forward a position that some UTC member
    > or other disagrees with.

    FAQs are not created by "some UTC member or other". They are created by the
    editorial committee, and are commonly done when either questions are
    received or statements made that indicate significant misunderstandings of
    the Unicode standard or other Unicode specifications. The editorial
    committee has about 18 people on its mailing list, and a day-long
    face-to-face meeting about every month.

    If you think that there is an error in one or more FAQs, you are free to
    request that the relevant technical committee (UTC or CLDR) change or
    clarify the documents on which the FAQ is based. The page indicates how to do this (the method is
    different for the two committees).


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