Re: How to write Armenian ligatures?

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Date: Sun Nov 25 2007 - 07:39:10 CST

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    I think the point of arguing whether Notepad is doing something or one
    of its underlying system services is moot. Similarly, one could be a
    pain and argue that TextEdit is doing doing anything but it is CoreText
    or ATSUI or whatever the relevant subsystem is that is doin the work. To
    engineers and power users, this would be a welcome supplemental
    information, but this does not eliminate the point that *functionally*
    it is Notepad or TextEdit, respectively, that exhibit a certain behavior.

    So while I respect Andrew's comment for providing supplemental
    information I think John Hudson's characterization was still correct and

    On a more general side, I think one needs to realize that the property
    of "plain text" as opposed to "rich text" (aka "styled text") is not
    that plain text has no typographic formatting. Plain text always has
    typographic formatting, like John Hudson pointed it out. The thing is
    that plain text has UNIFORM typographic formatting across the entire
    text, and it usually cannot be customized by the user (at least not to a
    great degree). But this says nothing of whether ligatures form or do not
    form by default.


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