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Date: Tue Nov 27 2007 - 00:29:55 CST

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    Dear Peter,

    The example is from a milk company in Inner Mongolia. The main point
    of the example being is that even though having vertical Mongolian in
    horizontal Chinese is troublesome the company considers it worth the
    time and effort to retain the vertiacl form of the company name,
    presumedly pronuonce a little like te-lun-su (the Chinese name
    transliterates the Mongolian name).

    Whislt there are some examples of horizontal runs of Mongolian in
    Chinese text, horizontal is not the norm. The norm is for words to be
    vertical even though the sentances maybe be horzontal.Even on Chinese
    paper money - probably the most printed phrase of Mogonlian the words
    'People's bank of China' Mongolian words are printed vertically though
    the text itself is horizontal,(eg There are
    many more times the number of examples of vertical Mongolian in
    horizintal scripts.


    Quoting Peter Constable <>:

    > It's not at all clear that those examples depict Mongolian embedded
    > inline within horizontal Chinese text. At least some instances look
    > more like Mongolian and Chinese in separate layout elements that are
    > arranged horizontally. E.g. in each instance except for the
    > elements in the left and right margins that remain constantly, the
    > Mongolian text spans multiple lines of Chinese text.
    > But certainly short, horizontal runs of Mongolian embedded inline in
    > horizontal Chinese is attested.
    > Peter
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    >> This is an example of how short mongolian phrases are usually written
    >> in Chinese, It is of course written vertically.
    >> John
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