RE: Vai word boundaries and line breaking

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Date: Sat Dec 01 2007 - 08:12:23 CST

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    > The LENGTHENER (A60C) has linebreak = EX, as does FULL STOP (A60E); this
    > strongly blocks break before. COMMA (060D) and QUESTION MARK (A60F) have
    > linebreak = BA, which less-strongly blocks break before. (EX allows
    > preceding break only after hard line break or ZWSP; BA also allows a
    > preceding break after spaces (SP) or FFFC).

    I thought I might clarify what I meant by "strongly blocks" and "less strongly blocks" here: it is what I stated in the parenthetical comment: a break is allowed before EX in very limited cases (i.e., between very few character-class sequence pairs), while a break before BA is just slightly less restrictive. It does *not* mean that if break opportunities were weighted that one would be given more break priority than the other. For instance, character-pair sequences with line breaking class <AL EX> and <AL BA>, the bond between the two characters is equally sticky in each case.


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