Re: Katakana Extended-A?

Date: Tue Dec 04 2007 - 15:22:58 CST

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    Quoting Kenneth Whistler <>:

    > However, it is known that there is another set of ideographic
    > description symbols, separate from the GB set encoded in 2FF0..2FFF,
    > so if the work to prepare a proposal for them ever gets completed,
    > 2FE0..2FEF would be the most felicitous location for them to
    > be encoded.

    It is more than likely there will be a proposal at some point in time
    to add some more Ideographic description characters, in order to
    facilitate better IDS. Vertically mirrored versions of U+2FF7 and
    U+2FFA are among potential candidates.


    John Knightley

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