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From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Thu Dec 06 2007 - 14:34:30 CST

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    William J Poser <wjposer at ldc dot upenn dot edu> wrote:

    > But then even better would be to Unicode-ify rot13 so that it affects
    > non-ASCII characters. For example, restricting ourselves to the BMP,
    > we could have rot7FFF, which would produce meaningless strings of CJK
    > characters from (extended) Latin text.

    (This is not quite the same thing, but you might find it interesting
    nonetheless: )

    The elegance of rot13 for ASCII text is that it maps the two sets of
    letters (capital and small) to themselves, so that natural-language text
    ends up looking like (inscrutable) natural-language text rather than
    binary junk. None of the other schemes such as rot47 do this.

    Otto is on the right track: to make rot13 truly work for other scripts,
    you would have to define it individually for each script. You might try
    rot24 for the Cyrillic sub-block from U+0400 to U+045F, for example.
    But this doesn't even work for Greek (unassigned code points in the
    middle of the rotated block) or Hebrew (rotated block not a multiple of
    2, so not self-inverting).

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