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Date: Fri Dec 07 2007 - 15:19:11 CST

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    Peter asked:

    > > I'm surprised you'd think that changing the
    > > mirroring property of these characters would be a good move.

    And Kent responded, for which I must supply a few corrections:

    > 1) These characters were relatively recently encoded in Unicode,

    False. They date from the original publication of 10646-1:1993
    (and Unicode 1.1 as well, of course).

    > and there is likely not very many documents using the ornate
    > parentheses in a Unicode encoding.

    False. Although, of course, it is always possible to quibble
    here about what "not very many" actually means.

    > Furthermore, they are not
    > present in commonly used non-Unicode encodings.

    False. This is why HCI explicitly requested they not be
    mirrored. They *are* present in the Iranian national standard,
    deliberately synched with Unicode for Bidi.

    > 6) Of course it would have been better to have gotten this
    > "right" early on (and I did give it as a beta 5.0 comment),

    Of course. But see my other reply in the thread. This is *deep*
    history, and goes back way, way, way before the beta discussion
    for Unicode 5.0.

    > but mirroring is not fully stabilised, and can be changed.
    > In this case I think the positives of a change here still far
    > outweigh the negatives (which was VERY much NOT the case for
    > quote marks and a mirroring change).

    I agree with that assessment for the quote marks, which is
    why I opposed changing their mirrored status all along.
    But it turns out that there are folks already heavily invested
    in the anomalous mirrored status of FD3E/FD3F as well. So
    it is basically hopeless trying to pursue any change for
    them further.


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