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Date: Tue Dec 18 2007 - 06:35:19 CST

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    > Azerbaijani language is written in both RTL (Arabic) and LTR
    > (Cyrillic) scripts,

    Azeri is more and more written with the Latin script now (I've
    witnessed it in Baku).

    > I think you are limited here by the lack of proper bidi handling in
    > the RSS and Atom formats,

    I disagree. For the "ordinary" case, there is no need to have Bidi
    attributes in the XML format. The Bidi class of the Unicode characters
    is enough. True, it does not solve every problem
    ( gives a good
    example in the section "Neutrals between different directional runs")
    but, in the case mentioned by the OP, it would have been more than

    > But it looks like someone needs to talk with the RSS and Atom format people
    > and explain the issue.

    Atom is already working on it:

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