Re: Question regarding U+00A6 BROKEN BAR

From: Jukka K. Korpela (
Date: Thu Dec 20 2007 - 12:10:04 CST

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    Karl Pentzlin wrote:

    > What is the use of the BROKEN BAR, especially contrastive to the

    During some period of time (it may have been in the 1970s or even the
    1960s), the vertical line was displayed as broken in some devices. I
    don't think there's any good reason why this variant was later regarded
    as a separate character, with a code of its own. I don't think I've ever
    seen the broken bar in the wild, in actual use, as a separate character,
    though I have used devices (both display and hardcopy) where the
    vertical line has a broken shape.

    It is a mystery to me why the broken bar is included in some keyboards
    along with the vertical line. The only use I can imagine for it is in
    text graphics (conventionally called "ASCII art").

    (Sorry for sending my previous message, on U+00AC NOT SIGN, under this
    same heading. My e-mail program just got mad. Well, to be honest, I
    goofed up.)

    Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

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