Re: CLDR Usage of Gregorian Calendar Era Terms: BC and AD -- Can we please have "CE" and "BCE" ?

From: Jukka K. Korpela (
Date: Fri Dec 21 2007 - 04:00:13 CST

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    Erkki I. Kolehmainen wrote:

    > It is commonplace to define the locale by language and country
    > (region), and possibly script.

    Yes, and among these, language is probably the only one that intuitively
    clear to users. The country selection is confusing, since it is far from
    obvious what is being chosen. But I digress.

    > In addition, variants can be defined and selected by the users for
    > certain items.

    The question is whether these variants need to be named and identified
    as locales, in the sense of being alternatives selectable as a whole.
    The more factors you bring into the variation, the more artificial the
    naming and identification becomes.

    > For this item, the desire to be able to select a given
    > variant would seem to be relatively strong.

    It is sometimes expressed strongly, but usually even people who see it
    as an issue don't really make much noise about it. Perhaps most
    importantly, virtually everyone who knows (and possibly prefers) "CE"
    and "BCE" knows and understands the old alternatives "AD" and "BC". This
    makes it reasonable to make the latter the default and the other one a
    selectable alternative, with no need for a name for either the choice
    (it needs to be _described_ in terms of what it means but it needs no
    _name_, no identifier) or the collection of user preferences, i.e. a

    To take yet another matter of preference, everyone who understands "42
    %" also understands "42%" (and, for such a simple presentational issue,
    vice versa as well). Thus, even if there were a greate debate in a
    community over the question whether the "%" should be preceded by a
    space or not (and there are such debates), we don't need a name for this
    choice, or for locale variants created by it. It is sufficient to let
    people decide on it on per-setting basis.

    > These variants should have fairly natural names,

    Why would they need names in the first place? When we start naming such
    things, we cannot expect to find _natural_ names, and the odds are that
    the names themselves will become a considerable dispute.

    Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

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