Re: Masri Ya' (Re: Chairless/Amphibious hamza)

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Date: Fri Dec 21 2007 - 08:19:04 CST

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    Khaled Hosny wrote:
    >> What is the problem?
    > The fact that all (except yeh with hamza above) are stylistic variations
    > of the same character,
    > Arabic ya' always have dots in initial and medial forms,
    > usually lose its dots in final and isolated forms (both are seen
    > in old manuscripts, but the dotted form is less common), and always lose
    > its dots with hamza above.
    But not always with hamza below
    > Alef maksura is usually undistinguished from ya'.
    > So, there is nothing as ya' with final dots and ya' without, all
    > are the same ya' with mere stylistic variations. Even the retroflex ya'
    > (yeh barre) is a variation of the regular ya' used by calligraphers on
    > artistic basis with no different semantics.

    This is true most of the time. I can even add to your argument: I have
    seen both manuscripts with "alef maqsura" having dots and those in which
      some end-ya's have nots other don't.

    But I have seen several masahif in which dots or retroflex tail are used
    to good purpose, either to distinguish between ī and ā or to distinguish
    between ī and i, so I am grateful that there are superfluous characters.
    And I still do not see the problem.

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