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Date: Sun Dec 30 2007 - 06:58:37 CST

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    Am 23.12.2007 um 04:12 schrieb James Kass:

    > Is the alembic symbol shown in the graphic...
    > ...a glyph variant of the alembic symbol encoded at U+2697?

    Not quite so.
    2697 is a *pictographical symbol* which stands for “chemistry” in
    dictionaries. Note that is does NOT mean “alembicus”.
    On the opposite, the alembic-sign in the chart given is a
    *typographical character* meaning “alembicus” (the device) in
    alchemical notation. It is the glyph to be found regularily in most
    alchemical source charts of that kind and period (roughly: 16th to 19th


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