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Date: Fri Jan 04 2008 - 03:51:18 CST

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    "concluding" the discussion we had before the holidays:
    as of now, we have U+0621 ARABIC LETTER HAMZA as non-joining

    John and Tom have demonstrated that this is not correct.
    (It is correct for Modern Standard Arabic and most other forms
      of written Arabic, but not for ALL.)

    What they propose is
    a letter that is non-joining when
                  a) initial
                  b) final
                  c) isolated i.e. final after a right-joining letter
                but is transparent
                  after a dual joining letter AND at the same time
                             before a dual- or right joining letter.
    (( I disagree, saying it is transparent only between lam and alef,
        sitting above a connecting stroke in all other cases.
        But this can wait till we have settled the first question.))

    The questions are:

    Can this be done in Unicode?

    Can this be achieved by just changing the characteristics of U+0621?

    In answer to possible queries:
    This change would have no negative effects for writing MSA or any other
    form of Arabic language writing.

    Arno Schmitt, Orientalist

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