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Date: Sat Jan 05 2008 - 22:53:31 CST

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    arno wrote:

    > If my proposal will be accepted there will be a period for everybody to
    > raise objections before it become binding.

    Well and good, but Unicode has been bitten before by this kind of thing, e.g. in changing
    the mirrored property of a character, only to find that it unexpectedly broke some
    existing software. Unfortunately, we can't rely on invested parties responding to public
    review periods, because sometimes potential problems are not anticipated: they are only
    identified at the point when they become actual problems. So I suspect, given options, the
    UTC will tend toward the safer path. Of course, if you can suggest a technical benefit of
    revising the properties of U+0621 over encoding a new character, that might override
    concerns about breaking existing implementations.

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