Re: Unicode Format for Network Interchange

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Fri Jan 11 2008 - 14:33:03 CST

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    John Cowan <cowan at ccil dot org> wrote:

    >> "It is worth noting that the telnet IAC character (an octet
    >> consisting of all ones, i.e., %xFF) itself is not a problem for
    >> UTF-8."
    > I think what is meant is that Telnet protocol uses %xFF as the
    > introducer to various commands, and therefore any %xFF in the byte
    > stream must be escaped; however, this is not a problem for UTF-8 byte
    > streams since they cannot contain %xFF.

    Aha. That makes a lot more sense. It wasn't clear to me from context,
    even when re-reading Appendix B in its (brief) entirety, but I might not
    be part of the target audience that goes in with certain knowledge.

    Mark Crispin <mrc at CAC dot Washington dot EDU> wrote:

    > I strongly recommend that members of the UTC *NOT* go off half-cocked
    > without first taking the time to perform the necessary background
    > research (specifically, of the concepts of "network ASCII" and Telnet
    > protocol) to understand this document.

    For my part anyway, I had no such plan. The statement in the draft was
    confusing to me, and that's why I couched my query in weaselly phrases
    like "I wonder what that means" and "Maybe someone can help me out."

    > These messages below show that some people here do not have a clue
    > about the technical domain in which this document resides, and risk
    > looking foolish if they do not first acquire that clue before
    > commenting within that domain.

    Good thing someone helped me out.

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