RE: Abkhasian CHE with descender

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2008 - 09:11:05 CST

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    > There is no glyph variation in modern alphabet. U+04BE is a

    Of course there is (some). Otherwise you would use only one font.

    > glottalized counterpart of U+040F and has the same shape of
    > the descender.
    > See modern alphabet here

    The current comment in TUS 5.0 is "ogonek form preferred". You may
    want to suggest changing that comment (as well as the chart glyph).

    One odd thing with a "nearby" letter, though one not used in Abkhasian,
    is one of the comments on U+04AB, CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER ES WITH DESCENDER:

    * letterforms with right hooks are preferred, although occasional
            variants with left hooks occur

    But the chart glyphs (upper- and lowercase) still have a LEFT hook,
    which is said to be just occasional and not preferred... I think it
    would be better if the chart glyphs used the preferred form...

            /kent k

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