Re: stacking diacritcs and fullwidth characters

Date: Wed Jan 30 2008 - 10:40:00 CST

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    We also have people interested in Cipher music notation.

    I was given to understand that:

    Basically, if we set aside slurs and a few special characters <snip>, the
    core of what we need are just
    some diacritics to attach to the numbers 1 through 9:
    - overline
    - double overline
    - underdot
    - overdot
    - forward-slash strike-through
    - backslash strike-through

    Charis SIL/Doulos SIL have all of those with the exception of the
    backslash strike-through. I believe that will be in the next version of
    our fonts (but U+20E5 is a combining mark for symbols, rather than in the
    regular combining mark block, is that a problem?). However, there is the
    issue of "strike-through characters". We haven't given the strike-through
    characters any smart fonts so no smart attachment takes place. That would
    be a problem.

    Of course, maybe none of these are issues for Cipher notation in China.
    These were requested for another country that uses it.

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