RE: Unicode, Java and Complex Script fonts

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Jan 31 2008 - 20:35:38 CST

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    Naoto Sato wrote:
    > The description on that page seems to be outdated (The link to Sun's
    > page points to 1.4.2 document), and it's not true that the user has to
    > manually edit the font properties file to draw Unicode characters on
    > Java apps. I am not sure who is responsible for this page, but I can
    > certainly help updating it to the latest information.

    It should be useful to update the links on the Unicode web page
    <> about the support of
    Unicode in Java. I suggest adding this:

    - Java Tutorial "Working with text" (basic info for Java 1.4+, aka "Java2")

    But also add, more importantly this (not linked for now from the now old

    - "Font Configuration Files" in Java 1.6+ (aka Java6):

    Notably because you won't find this info on the Sun's Java site if you are
    looking for "", as the configuration file has now a different
    format and has been renamed "" since long enough now
    (this is the name you can also look for on the Sun's Java site with lots of
    links to help, hints for developers, and related bugs or info about updates,
    and solutions to problems, plus the documentation of many newer APIs to get
    various info from fonts and rendering complex scripts, from the basic Swing
    API to AWT and Java2D).

    (And I also suggest to Sun to add a note in the old page speaking about from Java 1.4, so that it will link to the newer API and

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