Re: minimizing size (was Re: allocation of Georgian letters)

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Thu Feb 07 2008 - 10:27:21 CST

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    On Feb 7, 2008, at 3:48 AM, Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven wrote:

    > Do cellular devices nowadays even support a full BMP? I very much
    > doubt it,
    > so they will almost always use some optimization scheme or specialized
    > encoding. I would need to check GSM specs to see if SMS or MMS has
    > anything
    > to say about it.

    My cell phone can handle anything in the BMP for which it has fonts
    (and possibly the astral planes, too; I haven't checked them). I
    think it's also limited to scripts that don't require complex layout.
    (The iPhone guys are very reticent to divulge details like that even
    within Apple.)

    John H. Jenkins

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