Re: minimizing size (was Re: allocation of Georgian letters)

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Fri Feb 08 2008 - 21:31:06 CST

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    James Kass <thunder dash bird at earthlink dot net> wrote:

    > Copy/pasting from the PDF back into a plain-text editor gives the
    > following:
    > (PDF made from BabelPad)
    > அ வ  க ள ் ஏ ன ் த   ல ் ே ப ச க ் ட ா  ?
    > რ ა ტ ო მ ა რ ლ ა პ ა რ ა კ ო ბ ე ნ ი ს ი ნ ი ქ ა რ თ უ ლ ა დ ?
    > Ի ն չ ո ւ ՞ ն ր ա ն ք չ ե ն խ ո ս ո ւ մ Հ ա յ ե ր ե ն
    > な ぜ 、み ん な 日 本 語 を話し て く れ な い の か ?
    > ...
    > Now, I don't know where those extra spaces are coming from, but I bet
    > they make searching difficult.

    As much as I like BabelPad (it has replaced SC UniPad as my favorite
    full-service-Unicode editor), I have had serious problems pasting text
    into BabelPad from the clipboard. Sometimes there is a large chunk of
    random text after the "real" data; there have been other symptoms as
    well. I assume Andrew will be able to resolve these when he has a
    chance to update the program.

    Except in the presence of bugs such as this, Unicode data can be copied
    and pasted from one Unicode-aware program to another Unicode-aware
    program with 100% fidelity, regardless of the encoding model.

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