Re: Combining marks with two letters

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Feb 11 2008 - 16:04:49 CST

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    Bob Hallissy noted:

    > > The LoC romanization rules for Abkhaz(ian) Cyrillic
    > > show a "ts" digraph with a ligature tie or arc above them
    > > and a centered dot above this arc
    > >
    > > How do you write this in Unicode?
    > Unicode 5.0 addresses this directly on page 500, where it says:
    Actually: p. 255.

    > ... the recommended way of representing such text
    > is to place
    > U+034F combining grapheme joiner (CGJ) between the ligature tie and the
    > combining
    > mark that follows it, as shown in Figure 7-10.

    On p. 256.

    > Because this is a relatively recent Unicode ruling,

    Well, not *that* recent. ;-) This list went over all this
    in a lot of detail a couple years ago, and the UTC discussed
    and decided the representation explicitly for Unicode 5.0, as
    a follow-on to the CGJ decisions taken for Unicode 4.1.

    > there are not yet many
    > fonts that will render this sequence correctly. but there is no question
    > that this is the correct encoding.

    I concur. And thanks to Bob for digging this out. He beat
    me to the punch, before I could finish digesting the thread.


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