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Date: Tue Feb 12 2008 - 07:22:58 CST

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    If I didn't miss a point, only the combination of a diacritic centered above a double-width diacritic was addressed.

    However, there is at least one orthography which places a "simple" diacritic centered on a digraph (*without* an additional double-width diacritic). In a phonetic alphabet widely used in Hungarian Studies there is a letter "CS WITH ACUTE" (similarly some other digraphs: zs with acute accent, sz with acute accent etc... and combining (both plain and inverted) bridge below under some other digraphs, such as gy) where the acute accent is to be centered over the whole digraph, effectively sitting between the individual characters (without the combination of a double width tie, or something similar).

    Clearly, C CAA S (1) will yield a wrong result, as will C S CAA (2).
    Spacing diacritic between the two letters is clearly not a solution either.

    How would one place the acute accent between the both of them?
    C CGJ CAA S (3), or
    C CGJ S CAA (4)? or neither?

    If I get it right, the standard only addresses the case when a double-diacritic is present as well: "Occasionally one runs across orthographic conventions that use a dot, an acute accent, or other simple diacritic above a ligature tie?that is, U+0361 combining double inverted

    So I suspect, the above two, (3) and (4) are mere speculations, the placing of a simple diacritic on a digraph alone is not addressed by the current Unicode standard.

    If I did not overlook something, shouldn't the placing of simple diacritics centered on a grapheme consisting of two unicode characters be standardised as well?


    PS: in recent publications either custom fonts with the glyph "cs with acute" etc. were used (mostly not in the PUA but rather mapped to some basic latin character values) or the case (2) where the diacritic sits on the second character of the digraph.

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