Re: Mongolian script: present state of the draft

From: Andrew West (
Date: Wed Mar 12 2008 - 13:06:45 CST

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    On 12/03/2008,
    <> wrote:
    > Would anyone be so kind as to say where to find (or to post) the present
    > state of the/a draft to complete the very defective encoding of Mongolian
    > (i.e. Mongol-Uighur) script?

    The Unicode encoding model for Mongolian is rather complex, which has
    made it very difficult to implement, but it is not defective as such,
    and nothing more needs to be done at the encoding level. Windows Vista
    incudes a quite successful implementation of Unicode Mongolian,
    although it still has some buggy shaping behaviour.

    Probably your impression that the encoding is defective is based on an
    incomplete understanding of the encoding model. What particular issues
    do you think still need to be addressed ?


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