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From: Werner LEMBERG (
Date: Sat Mar 15 2008 - 23:56:41 CST

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    Here some excerpts from a mail I received from Claudio Beccari.

    > [...] the various strange signs that appear in the 256 glyph LGR
    > encoded font [for Greek] were prepared in order to satisfy the
    > requirements of a philologist who needed to use LaTeX and my greek
    > font (that at that time did not contain those strange signs); we
    > developed a certain degree of friendship/aquaintanceship, but it's
    > many years I am not hearing from him.
    > This long explanation forced me to think back to those times, some
    > eight years ago. Actually the nexus sign he wanted to use was the
    > official one, a "wide hat", a very large stretchable wide circumflex
    > accent sign that could stretch to cover several letters.


    > LaTeX math symbols contained several hat signs, but the largest was
    > not large enough; we decided to create a stretchable sign to be used
    > in text mode that in effects turned out to be a top tortoise shell
    > bracket (I learnt this definition these past days, thanks to your
    > messages), instead of an hat. The nexus sign, the official sign
    > used by the philologists, then, is not the sign I created, but an
    > arbitrarily stretchable wide hat.

    Well, this helps a lot. However, I don't know how to encode such a
    wide hat either.


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