RE: symbols for nexus

From: Murray Sargent (
Date: Sun Mar 16 2008 - 13:10:18 CST

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    Werner LEMBERG notes:

    >> So maybe you could use the existing parenthese pairs (notably the
    >> existing tortoise shell parentheses that are the nearest from your
    >> exhibited image) [...]
    > I've mentioned in my mail that this is exactly what I want to use,
    > however, there isn't any sample usage given un UTR 25.

    In Unicode Technical Note #28 Section 3.8, there is the notation \overbrace(<expression>) which means put a stretched overbrace (U+23DE) over <expression>. Similarly one could have \overshell(<expression>) put a tortoise shell bracket (U+23E0) over <expression>. In fact, it works for up to two or three letters in a Word 2007 math zone, but wider expressions don't get wide enough shell brackets (in contrast to the \overbrace, which expands indefinitely). That can be fixed. The notation does allow you to generate the desired construct.


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