Re: A currency sign for the Rubel?

From: Adam Twardoch (
Date: Wed Mar 26 2008 - 16:58:45 CST

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    This is from Vladimir Yefimov, art director at the Russian font foundry

    Dear Adam,
    Last year there was an initiative of some leading design studios of
    Russia to choose one sign for rouble. Among them were ParaType,
    LetterHead and Art Lebedev Studio, that is the main type design
    companies in Russia. The rouble sign was chosen from about half of
    thousand entries sent to the Znak Rublya contest (1999). That initiative
    was supported more than half of thousand design companies and individual
    designers from all Russia. Ever since ParaType is including the rouble
    sign in the fonts we release, as well as Art Lebedev Studio and probably
    Nevertheless the legal right to choose and accept the official rouble
    sign belongs to Central Bank of Russian Federation but the choice has
    not been made yet.
    Additional information on the theme in Russian:

    S privetom,
    Vladimir Yefimov
    Art Director
    ParaType Inc.
    47 Nakhimovsky Prospect, office 1921
    117418, Moscow, Russia

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