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From: Smith,Gary (
Date: Wed Mar 26 2008 - 19:22:13 CST

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    Jukka K. Korpela wrote:

    > wrote:
    > > Don't put digits 1-9, or
    > > characters a-f, or x, or perhaps several other characters.
    > The "x" part was new to me, and rather strange. The others
    > are natural, since those are hexadecimal digits. E.g.,
    > a113 Alt-X would produce the Unicode character with code
    > number a113. But what's special about "x" here? Anyway,
    > you can circumvent this problem by typing "u+" (letter u
    > and plus sign) or "U+" before the number. Word will convert
    > e.g. bu+113 Alt-X into bÁ, since it treats the entire string
    > u+113 as the code number to be converted to a character.

    I find that an "x" before the number prevents the conversion. Maybe that's why Bob recommended that it be avoided.

    > > If alt-x
    > > doesn't work as expected, try putting a space before the 113 (or
    > > before the 0113 which I would expect to have been recommended).
    > Leading zeroes don't matter here. And a space isn't practical, since
    > Word will leave it as part of data, so you would then have to
    > delete it after pressing Alt-X. It's more convenient to use the "u+"
    > prefix here.

    Perhaps the cleanest way to avoid problems with adjacent characters is to highlight the digits you want to convert. When you press Alt-x, only the highlighted characters are converted.

    Gary L. Smith
    Software Architect

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