Re: Using combining diacritical marks and non-zero joiners in a name

From: Andrew Cunningham (
Date: Sat Apr 12 2008 - 08:57:27 CDT

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    This whole discussion seems to be going around in circles.

    If you have an OpenType, AAT or Graphite font with the appropriate
    tables and been designed to handle the combining diacritic and base
    character combination you're interested in


    A font rendering/text layout system that supports this


    An application that uses this font rendering/text layout system

    then everything displays fine.

    Generally, on Windows XPSP2, Windows Vista, and recent versions of
    Linux support combining diacritics.

    its usually a questions of either

    1) the font a web developer has chosen to display a page with is not
    appropriate, or

    2) in the absence of a specified font, the default browser font is

    In either case the end user can remedy the situation.

    Personally, having had to work with languages that need to use
    combining diacritics (and stack combining diacritics) , i.e. no
    precomposed characters available, I find the test page at fairly

    basically with the right tools and fonts on an OS that supports
    combining diacritics things tend to go smoothly and display well.


    Andrew Cunningham
    Vicnet Research and Development Coordinator
    State Library of Victoria

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