Re: Using combining diacritical marks and non-zero joiners in a name

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Mon Apr 14 2008 - 09:42:14 CDT

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    Hello Andreas Prilop,

    I had written:
    > OK. Ill try it again, with the browsers
    > - Firefox
    > - IE 7.0.5730.11
    > and the fonts:
    > - proportional: TITUS Cyberbit Basic 3.0
    > With this setup, I can spot no difference between the
    > three browsers rendering of your examples.

    Andreas Prilop schrieb:
    > Everyone but you can see:
    > Internet Explorer = =
    > Firefox A` = a` =

    Apparently, you cannot judge my Firefox from yours ;-)
    Cf. attached screenshots (colours reduced to 4 bit, in
    order to save bandwidth). I have excluded IE6, because
    here it runs on a different system, and I have thrown in
    Opera 9.10, Build 8679, to complete the picture. Really,
    I cannot spot any difference, particularly not the mis-
    placed grave accent you are reporting, for Firefox.

    I guess, you will have to double-check your Firefox

    It would have helped much, if you had reported, in the 1st
    place, the differences you are seeing, rather than telling
    everybody to look on their respective screens.

    Thank you for your corrections w.r.t. IEs font settings, and
    the difference between IE6s and IE7s handling of characters
    missing in the selected font.

    Best wishes,
       Otto Stolz


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