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Date: Wed Apr 30 2008 - 03:01:40 CDT

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    -On [20080430 00:03], Kai Hendry ( wrote:
    >Apologies for the potential repost. I don't think my original got through.
    >After a call today with an Opera employee, he informed me rightly that
    >many handset manufacturers are unprepared for the license cost of
    >fonts with a wide Unicode glyph coverage.
    >This led me to fear a "region locking" scenario of mobile devices. Any

    It effectively already is locked to regions due to t9 dictionaries on mobile

    For example, in the Netherlands all phones with t9 dictionaries tend to
    support Dutch, English and perhaps a combination of German, French, Spanish.

    Now that South Korea and Japan are moving to 3G GSM (UMTS and the likes)
    there is now also the possibility to, finally, send SMS to them. Of course,
    the problem then arises that phones in Europe, or the United States, for
    that matter do not feature any input method editors (IME) so you are limited
    to just ASCII or ISO-8859-*

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