Re: Undefined code positions in 8-bit character sets

From: David Starner (
Date: Mon May 05 2008 - 19:18:10 CDT

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    On Mon, May 5, 2008 at 3:29 PM, Kenneth Whistler <> wrote:
    > I disagree. If you do not map U+0090 to 0x90 for Windows-1252, all
    > you are doing in ensuring an interoperability bug both
    > with Windows and with other commercial applications doing
    > conversions.

    I have two problems with this. What on Earth is DCS used for anyway?
    We're talking about a bunch of characters that are practically
    private-use anyway. Does anything actually expect C1 controls to be
    mapped through Windows-1252? More importantly, doesn't anything expect
    Windows-1252 files to _not_ have C1 controls?

    I also wonder as to the universality of this practice. Does no one
    just straightforwardly use these files from Unicode? Given the
    marginality of these characters and this practice, I doubt anyone is
    actually testing for this, so I would expect quite a few pieces of
    software to map U+0090 to the same place it would map U+13A0.

    And, BTW, Andreas, I find links to long, sprawling threads to be less
    than helpful. It would help if you post links to the direct spots in
    those threads that bring up this issue, or summarize from them.

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