Re: list/table with empty code points in UC 5.1 ?

From: Raymond Mercier (
Date: Thu May 08 2008 - 13:00:29 CDT

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    On a related topic (the list of code pointd in Unicode blocks) I would like to raise the question of the status of the four entries ulUnicodeRange in the latest version of the OS/2 table. This fifth version is given at
    but it marked as a 'draft', at least in

    This full list, appropriate to Unicode 5, should be used in Font editors, but I am told by the author of FontCreator, for example, that he awaits Microsoft's 'official' version. I wonder what is likely to change ?

    As the number of Unicode blocks extends beyond 127 there will soon be needed a fifth ulUnicodeRange, for another 32 distinct blocks, like the four entries ulUnicodeRange at present. Has this been discussed ? There is nothing magic about the limit 128. Of course this is font technology, a separate question from Unicode lists.

    Although one can read off the block ranges from the hundreds of pages of the Unicode manual, such a list, printed in a couple of pages of the Manual, would be helpful, like this.

          Unicode Range
         Block range
         Basic Latin
         Latin-1 Supplement
         Latin Extended-A
         Latin Extended-B
         IPA Extensions
         Phonetic Extensions
         Phonetic Extensions Supplement
         Spacing Modifier Letters

    etc., as far as
         Domino Tiles
         Mahjong Tiles
         Reserved for process-internal usage

    Raymond Mercier

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