Version number for on-line Unicode PDFs

From: Tjebbe van Tijen (
Date: Sun May 25 2008 - 05:27:48 CDT

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    While searching for earlier versions of the Unicode Code Charts...
    which were easy to find
    I noticed that these charts did not have a proper unique name (which,
    alas, most often is the case in the world of online PDFs).

    Would it not be better to do the PDF file naming in such a way that
    it results in a unique and understandable file name:

    now the complete set of 5.0 code charts is called


    I downloaded it as


    which I think is a better name...

    Maybe the following small mistake has been produced by this too
    general naming of PDFs


    has a clickable item: Online Code Charts

    Which directs to the page: The Unicode Character Code Charts By Script

    but that link is the page with the 5.1 Unicode charts (of course the
    user may notice the year 2008 at the bottom of the page ...)

    So my suggestion is that the web pages do also carry the version
    number in their title and window title

    It may be the librarian in me (I've worked as an archivist &
    librarian for thirty years) ... but I like to know which version/
    edition I have at hand and such a great system as Unicode deserves
    attention also to such details ...

    Tjebbe van Tijen
    Imaginary Museum Projects
    Dramatizing Historical Information

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