Re: Markup for Language (was: Re: Exemplifying apostrophes)

From: Behnam (
Date: Tue May 27 2008 - 17:56:21 CDT

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    On 27-May-08, at 5:28 PM, Kenneth Whistler wrote:

    >> All I'm asking is to identify what I'm writing
    >> now as 'English'.
    > -->
    > <html>
    > <p><span lang="en">All I'm asking is to identify what I'm writing
    > now as 'English'.</span></p>
    > </html>
    > That's what markup mechanisms are for.
    > --Ken

    I thought I had a simple solution for an important issue. As it
    turned out, the solution doesn't seem to be simple and the importance
    of the issue also can not be felt by most.
    But to clarify what I meant, if for instance I wanted to write the
    above quoted paragraph in Hebrew, I could select the directionality
    of the paragraph first, then type *all I'm asking is to identify this
    as 'Hebrew'* -in Hebrew of-course.
    It is already identified as 'rtl'. I didn't write an html markup to
    do this. I should be able to identify it as Hebrew as well.
    Now if I start a text with an English paragraph introducing a Kurdish
    text, which would follow in the next paragraph, the first paragraph
    would be defined as English and the second as rtl and Kurdish.
    This self contained language identity may amount to nothing for the
    English part, or perhaps some typographic refinements at most. But it
    could be crucial for the Kurdish part for which, the simple
    instructions of plain text or even the refinements of general Arabic
    setting of the font would not produce the correct result. It has to
    be treated as Kurdish.
    ... and I don't type in html. I just type.


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