Re: Glottal stop languages

From: William J Poser (
Date: Wed May 28 2008 - 13:45:25 CDT

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    Carrier (really a single language though Ethnologue lists two)
    does indeed use apostrophe for glottal stop, but it does not
    use U+A78C as indicated in your chart. It really uses U+0027.
    There are some publications in which people (or, really, Microsoft
    Word) use U+2019 Right Single Quote instead, with the result
    that some tokens end up as U+2018 Left Single Quote
    due to MS Word's decision to balance them, but this
    has never been adopted by the community. I am fairly confident
    that U+A78C has never been used, but of course can't guarantee
    that someone hasn't. I am certain that no band, tribal council,
    or other institution has adopted this as a standard.

    For word-initial capitalization, the Carrier convention is
    to capitalize the following letter if the word begins with
    glottal stop, e.g. : 'u'alh -> 'U'alh.

    The idea of using the pair U+A78C/U+A78B is interesting,
    but has not yet even been discussed in the Carrier community
    much less adopted.


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