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From: Raymond Mercier (
Date: Thu May 29 2008 - 04:54:38 CDT

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    A while back, when my proposal for the GREEK ZERO SIGN was accepted, I was asked to supply a font showing a suitable glyph for this sign, and I sent in GreekUniZero.ttf. This contained a variety of Latin and Greek characters, to which I appended the new glyph. The only purpose of the font was to provide a glyph for this character, and in this font I did not even assign the code point 1018A which was eventually assigned to it by the UTC.

    Now to my surprise I find that this same font is packaged with Vista (still without the correct code point). The transfer to Microsoft clearly violates the Agreement between the Unicode Consortium and me, and is in any case not of suitable commercial quality. I wonder how this happened ?

    As far as I can see, among the Vista fonts, only cardo98s.ttf carries this character with the correct code point.

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    Raymond Mercier

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