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Date: Thu May 29 2008 - 18:56:20 CDT

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    Quoting Crwth <>:

    > All the previous being said, there are the code2000/code2001/code2002 fonts
    > which attempt to provide numerous glyph sets, including the Ethiopic you
    > mention, so it might satisfy your needs.

    code2000.ttf is even more impressive when one remembers it is produced
    by James Kass working on his own. Both code2000 and code2001 offer
    good coverage.

    For plane 2 many people use HannomB.ttf, which is adequate for now (
    but not after Extension C comes on line).

    The 65536 limit for TTF fonts is not as big a problem as it sounds -
    since even text editors in general now allow for sevearl fonts to be
    treated as if they are one font. This is often done a OS level - eg
    fallback fonts for Windows, fontconfig for Linux. Therefore inpratice
    one can easily go over the 65536 mark.

    John Knightley

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    > Wayne
    > On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 12:12 PM, Peter Zilahy Ingerman, PhD <
    >> wrote:
    >> Magda Danish was kind enough to suggest that perhaps this list could
    >> answer a question.
    >> I am looking for a *single* TTF font that includes all of the glyphs in
    >> the UNICODE 5.0 (perhaps 5.1?) book.
    >> I have found the Doulos SIL font, but it appears to be missing, for
    >> example, the Ethiopic characters, among several others.
    >> I am dealing with a rather peculiar application whose implementation would
    >> be much simplified if such a single font were available.
    >> Suggestions, pointers, references and the like will be most welcome!
    >> Peter

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