Re: Welsh orthography in Unicode

From: Leo Broukhis (
Date: Thu Jun 26 2008 - 11:21:45 CDT

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    On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 8:19 AM, Andreas Prilop
    <> wrote:
    > I puzzled by
    > and other pages in Welsh.
    > The above page contains the letter "w with circumflex";
    > yet it also has *lots* of vowels followed by ASCII (!)
    > apostrophe. I always thought that "vowel followed by
    > ASCII apostrophe" is only a primitive writing system
    > used mainly by people who don't know better.

    The above page contains, among other letter-apostrophe combinations,
    "รข'i" - thus proving that the writers know what they're doing.


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