Re: how to add all latin (and greek) subscripts

From: Johannes Rössel (
Date: Thu Jun 26 2008 - 12:33:54 CDT

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    Hello Ondrej,

    as far as I understood it, Unicode is not indented for capturing all
    semantic content of mathematical formulas. There are, however, diverse
    markup languages to represent that, ancient ones like TeX/LaTeX and more
    recent developments like MathML and the approach used in Microsoft's
    Word 2007 which uses a combined model of storing XML-ly stuff and
    entering TeX-like syntax by hand. Details on the latter may be found in
    Unicode TN #28 by Murray Sargent.

    The sub- and superscripts present in Unicode are spread through multiple
    code ranges and thus I assume they are partly there for compatibility
    reasons (¹, ², ³), since they were present in other charsets before,
    partly extensions to those compatibility forms (⁴, ⁵, ⁶, ...), partly
    necessary for IPA. For accurate display of formulas you need markup that
    captures the semantics and a layout engine that lays out math, Unicode
    alone won't help there.

    Johannes Rössel

    Ondrej Certik wrote:
    > I would like to use unicode to pretty print mathematical formulas (we
    > use that in our symbolic manipulation library, but
    > unfortunately,
    > there seems to be only some latin subscripts as written here:
    > E.g. there are only "aeioruvx" lowercase subscripts, and there is a
    > missing "q" in superscripts. We also need greek alphabet subscripts
    > and superscripts (currently there are also only a couple of symbols).
    > How can we fixed that? I understand, that it will take years, until
    > this propagates to all systems, etc, but nevetheless why not to start
    > now. Could you please direct me to some documents or howto what I can
    > do to have this fixed?
    > Do I need to propse the change somehow, do I need to give you a sample
    > table of characters, maybe even some example font+computer program to
    > show that all works? Let me know what I can do.
    > Thanks a lot,
    > Ondrej

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