Re: Welsh orthography in Unicode

From: Leo Broukhis (
Date: Sat Jun 28 2008 - 11:31:38 CDT

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    On Sat, Jun 28, 2008 at 2:50 AM, Philippe Verdy <> wrote:

    >> Actually you should never use U+2026 for a grammatical
    >> ellipsis. Use three periods. And if you are picky, increase
    >> tracking. Or commission your local type designer to implement
    >> an OpenType feature to replace the three-period sequence by
    >> your "ellipsis" glyph.
    > I also do agree that the grammatical ellipsis should never look different
    > from the succession of three full stops (and so there is no good reason not
    > to use regular full stops). Using the encoded "ellipsis" looks ugly,
    > especially when using monospaced fonts, because its dots are too small
    > compared to other punctuation signs.

    A three-dot ellipsis is not much of a problem in languages that do not allow
    combining it with other punctuation. If it is to be combined with a ! or a ?,
    the size and alignment of dots should match. The period dot in some fonts is
    larger than the dot at the bottom of ! and ? - the latter look more
    like the ellipsis dots.
    Similarly, in languages that subsume an ellipsis dot into !.. or ?..,
    a two dot leader is likely to be used in such cases.


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