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Date: Mon Jun 30 2008 - 05:49:26 CDT

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    -On [20080630 11:36], Andrew West ( wrote:
    >Some on this list may be interested in an extremely confused article
    >in the Guardian on the recent encoding of the capital sharp s (at
    >least I think that is what it is about, the journalist does not seem
    >to have any idea what she is writing about herself, demonstrating once
    >again the total inability of most newspaper journalists to do the most
    >basic fact-checking or background research):

    News here (NL) said Germany was officially gaining a 27th letter in their
    alphabet, the Eszett.
    Pointing out that the capital form of ß is now available as a 'pumped up
    version with a squared topside'. It then points out how it might be useful
    for news article heads to differentiate between Die Masse and Die Maße,
    which would both be rendered as DIE MASSE and DIE MASSE.

    It then also discusses that keyboards will have to be adjusted to provide
    for easy entering.

    Much better than the English one you provided Andrew. ;)

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