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Date: Mon Jun 30 2008 - 12:29:51 CDT

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    Am 30.06.2008 um 11:08 schrieb Andrew West:

    > 'More than just a pumped up B'

    For the last section of the Guardian article I can assure at least, as
    one of the editors of SIGNA magazin, that this citation has nothing to
    do with any line in one of our articles. It seems to be indeed an
    expression of unability (of getting basically to the core facts of a
    matter) on the side of the journalist(s?) involved.

    However, the article seem to have been evoked by a news announcement
    produced by dpa Deutsche Presseagentur last week, who have issued it
    while being in contact with DIN.
    Whatever kind of recognition the Eszett might get now and in the time
    to come, it shall be noted that its use in German dates back at least
    about 700 years and that it has been employed in writing and printing
    even by some languages other than German to a considerable extend.

    The media echo here in Germany has been quite astonishing last week
    (not for the first time upon this, by the way). I’ve had to give three
    radio interviews in two days. Many newspapers reported about what DIN
    and ISO have decided. And many people ask now how the new capital may
    make its way onto the keyboard. So one can say, i.m.o., that ISO and
    Unicode *have* done a service to the user community of the ß by
    admitting its long debated capital counterpart.

    No one one cares nowadays about capital U or capital W. But they came
    into live that very way. Yet, without committees … ;-)

    Andreas Stötzner.

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