Re: how to add all latin (and greek) subscripts

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Tue Jul 01 2008 - 20:04:04 CDT

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    Ondrej Certik <ondrej at certik dot cz> wrote:

    > Ok, anyway, my problem is to have sub/superscripts of latin and greek
    > in a terminal. Do you think I have a chance of succeding in extending
    > the escape sequences for terminals?

    Don't start down this path until you've read (or at least skimmed) the
    full ISO/IEC 6429 standard, mirrored as ECMA-48:

    There's a LOT more to the so-called "ANSI" terminal sequences than just
    changing colors and moving the cursor around. There may be one or more
    existing sequences that do what you want. Of course, not every terminal
    will support them, but you've got a far better chance of finding a
    terminal that does support existing standard sequences than getting
    brand-new sequences approved by international bodies, and then getting
    terminal vendors to support those.

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