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From: Andreas Sttzner (
Date: Fri Jul 04 2008 - 02:11:13 CDT

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    Am 03.07.2008 um 22:57 schrieb Karl Pentzlin:

    > Am Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2008 um 21:53 schrieb Gerrit Sangel:
    > GS> The entire ß key does not have any space for the capital ß any
    > more. The only
    > GS> way (which would make sense) would be AltGr+S.
    > If you allow Shift+AltGr (like e.g. the Finnish-Sámi keyboard), there
    > is
    > still enough room left.
    > GS> But if the keyboard producers manage to put the capital ß on the
    > keyboard, I
    > GS> am really angry.
    > GS> I am fighting a war that people use the „“ instead of "", but it
    > seems
    > GS> hopeless ... I do
    > GS> not see the problem for the keyboard producers to print some
    > characters like
    > GS> „“’»« on the keyboard. There is still so much space left. They
    > managed to do
    > GS> that quite easily with the € sign and even the Windows keys.
    > Look at the „Europatastatur“ (an “European keyboard” based on the
    > German
    > standard layout) at .
    > It enables you to type the capital ß by Shift+AltGr+S (the next version
    > probably will move that letter to the Shift+AltGr+ß position where
    > everybody
    > seems to expect it) but contains also the quotes and similar characters
    > required for correct typography.
    > Using that keyboard layout, you can type (besides the capital ß)
    > without
    > any compromises (hoping this will pacify your anger):
    > „ʿĀʾiša’s Reise von Lʹwiw – 49°50′10″N, 24°1′50″O – nach Hawaiʻi“
    > (“ʿĀʾisha’s journey from Lʹviv—49°50′10″N, 24°1′50″E—to Hawaiʻi”)

    Generally spoken, the customized keyboard is overdue. Just as an
    example: besides the Europa-Tastatatur there are at least three other
    keyboard drivers currently available for different platforms which
    enable the user to simply type a capital ß or a long ſ (s) or other
    The user is *already* cracking the keyboard and will do so even more in
    the time to come, if keyboard manufacturers will not response to that


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