Re: Getting A Newb Started

From: William J Poser (
Date: Mon Jul 07 2008 - 18:17:58 CDT

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    >> if you know that there are no characters outside the BMP, every
    >> character is a constant two bytes wide.

    >I think that's a bad idea; if you're accepting user input, you should
    >always assume they may want to use characters outside the BMP. Part of
    >the value of Unicode is not having to wonder if a program will accept
    >the script you want to write in.

    Of course you want to be prepared for any possible input, but
    in some cases you do know what the range of possible inputs is.
    The input may not be coming directly from the user. It may be user
    input that has already been cleaned or validated, or it may be
    data that you yourself have generated.


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