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From: John Hudson (
Date: Fri Aug 01 2008 - 18:37:30 CDT

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    Behnam wrote:

    > There
    > is more tolerance about Arabic Kaf but the proper shape is Keheh.

    The origin of these letter shape preferences is to be found in script
    style preferences. The Persian and Urdu shape preferences are nastaliq
    shapes, and the proper distinction is not between Arabic K and Persian
    K, which is a typographic accident arising from misunderstanding and
    technological limitations, but between naskh and nastaliq shapes. This
    is most easily demonstrated by the fact that Arabic written in nastaliq
    uses these same 'Persian' shapes. In modern Arabic script typography,
    these misunderstood script style distinctions find their way, via
    Unicode and codepages, into every new typeface, regardless of style. So
    we have 'neo-naskh' typefaces containing bastardised nastaliq letters
    for Persian and Urdu; perhaps we will eventually see 'neo-nastaliq'
    fonts containing bastardised naskh letters for Arabic.

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