Re: Corrections of Han Radical Folding

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Aug 18 2008 - 16:56:58 CDT

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    Christoph Burgmer asked:

    > Going through UTR #30 [1] and more specifically the Han Radical Folding [2] I
    > came upon two mappings that I would map differently. Furthermore looking at
    > the file raised some questions.

    > I am not completly confident about understanding UTR #30, but ...

    > By the way, the provisional report [1] states the range wrongly. Currently it
    > consists of ranges 2E80 - 2EF3 and 2F00 - 2FD5.
    > Is this mailing list the right place to ask?
    > Christoph Burgmer
    > [1]
    > [2]

    UTR #30 has languished in draft status (not finished and finally
    approved) for over 4 years now. In response to that lack of
    progress, and the inability of the UTC to identify an author
    willing to take charge of completion of the document and its
    associated data tables, the UTC decided at its meeting last week
    to withdraw UTR #30. The results of that decision will be showing
    up soon in changes to the Unicode Technical Reports page.

    While there is ongoing interest in character folding issues and
    some indication that an author (or authors) may eventually
    step forward, there is no guarantee what form the document might
    take if and when it emerges from withdrawn status in the future.

    Personally, I consider the issues of Han character folding,
    including Han radical folding, to be complex and controversial
    enough that they would probably best be addressed in a separate
    report focussed only on that topic, so that the many complications
    of that topic don't end up derailing progress on defining other
    interesting types of character foldings. But any such details
    would be for future author(s) to work out.

    In any case, folks on this discussion list are welcome to discuss
    any kinds of Unicode character folding issues -- but just be
    aware that UTR #30 is not an approved document, and with the
    UTC decision to withdraw it at a UTR, it is no longer on a path
    towards approval as a document.


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