Re: Fun with Unicode spoofing

From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Thu Aug 28 2008 - 17:17:48 CDT

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    =?utf-8?Q?António MARTINS-Tuválkin?= wrote:
    > I particularly like his "l"s (U+05DF, final nun!), and "g"s (U+183, "d"
    > with topbar!) — while "q"s for "b"s and "p"s for "d"s (and vice-versa)
    > are still cool, even if classic.
    My inverter program (I think based on Doug Ewell's list of inverts from
    some time ago) uses U+056C (լ ARMENIAN SMALL LETTER LIWN) for the "l",
    and I think U+0253 (ɓ LATIN SMALL LETTER B WITH HOOK) is a less jarring
    "g". Hurray yet again for IPA. Long-S with a dot underneath does well
    for "j".

    I once played around with a little IDN, using names like "qəʍ" for a
    computer, etc... Yes, Unicode can be fun.


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