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Date: Sat Aug 30 2008 - 17:33:53 CDT

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    Meeku aka "linuxa linux" <linuxalinux at yahoo dot co dot uk> wrote:

    > Basically the ultimate core computer code has only digital zeroes and
    > ones, correct/wrong?
    > This ultimate core computer code then gets character encoded and this
    > helps usability, correct/wrong?


    > ASCII english character encoding gets conventionally used primarily,
    > correct/wrong?

    Best to limit a blanket statement like this to English-speaking areas.

    It's also a bit of a misnomer to refer to "ASCII english character
    encoding." The use of ASCII doesn't necessarily imply the English
    language, although few other languages can be written properly with it.

    > ASCII english character encoding also gets conventionally used for
    > programming, correct/wrong?

    Correct, though see comment above about "ASCII english." Programming
    languages in particular should not be construed as being "English."

    > Unicode character encoding helps with viewing and composing both
    > english and non-english based texts, correct/wrong?

    Some *extremely* bare-bones text can be represented just fine in ASCII.
    For everything else, the increased repertoire of Unicode does help.

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