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From: Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven (
Date: Thu Sep 04 2008 - 12:41:12 CDT

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    -On [20080904 19:30], Ed Trager ( wrote:
    >Sounds to me like there should be some sort of umbrella FOSS-based IME
    >project which would centralize the core set of common resources that
    >all of these disparate IME projects ( ,
    > , , ,,
    >etc... ) are using.

    I happily use UIM, because it allows itself to be hooked up to more
    specialized IMEs.

    >Increasing diversification in the mobile devices market is already leading
    >to the creation of projects like Android. It seems to me one could also
    >create a FOSS project around IMEs that Android and other devices, including
    >desktop computers, could all use.

    Mmm, maybe a first start would be a technical paper that points out all that
    an IME ought to implement/expose in order to work towards a standard kind of
    framework. Not sure how well that would work though.

    >I certainly know which CJK input methods I like best, but they are
    >invariably not available on most computers and devices I have access

    Being able to have a romaja Korean IME on Unix (through uim/m17n) is very
    nice and it's a drag to try and remember the keyboard layout on Windows for
    Korean, for example.

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